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The Aberdeen based electricians, Aberdeen City Electrical (ACE) recently became an approved installer of Rolec Electric Vehicle (EV) charging points and are offering this service throughout the Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire areas.

“The number of electric vehicles in the UK is on the rise due to their many benefits, including that they are cheaper to run than a petrol or diesel vehicle, cheaper to maintain, and are generally just better for the environment.

“We decided to carry out the necessary training to fit EV charging points due to all the great benefits, but we also seen a bit of a gap in the market in the local area, as there are only a small number of people have these available at their home.

“Our ability to carry out these fittings will not only save our customers money from having to pay for each charging point but will allow them to charge their car from the comfort of their own homes. If you have recently purchased a new Petrol Hybrid Electric Vehicle or an Electric Vehicle you may also qualify for a government funded grant of up to 75% of the cost from the Office for Low Emission Vehicles.” said Nigel Brown, Owner of Aberdeen Electrical Services.

The current average sales for electric cars across the UK in 2018 have a rolling 12-month average of more than 4,500 units. There are now approximately 166,000 electric cars, 5,500 electric vans and 17,456 charging points across the UK.