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EV Charging Q&A

Can I charge my EV at home?

You can easily charge your EV at home using a standard three-pin domestic plug socket the same as your vacuum cleaner or TV. Most electric car owners charge their car overnight at home.

Is it safe to charge my car at home?

While the EVSE cable will keep you and your electric car safe when charging, we would recommend the installation of a dedicated EV charging wall box, which should be fitted by a trained and approved EV charging electrician.

How long does it take to charge my car at home? 

It can take between six and twelve hours to fully charge a pure-electric car using a standard UK home wall socket. The charging times vary depending on the size of the car and how big the battery is. PHEVs and E-REVs take much less time to charge because they have smaller batteries.

Why install a dedicated EV charging wall box?

Aberdeen City Electrical are approved installers of Rolec EV charging Points. Rolec home charging points are compatible with all EVs & PHEVs on the road today. They are weatherproof IP65 rated charging point and comes with a free 3 year warranty. Importantly, they are also BSI safety in the home certified.

How long will my car take to charge using dedicated EV charging wall box?

The 32 Amp Rolec EV charger allows for a boost charge that can fast charge in  4 hours or less depending on the size of the battery.

How much does it cost to install a dedicated EV charging wall box?

If you have recently purchased a new Petrol Hybrid Electric Vehicle (P.H.E.V) or an all-Electric Vehicle (E.V) you may qualify for a government funded grant from the Office for Low Emission Vehicles (O.L.E.V). The Office for Low Emission Vehicles offer grants for up 75% or up to £500 towards the cost of supplying and installing your charging unit for vehicles that qualify. You’ll only need to pay £149 or £199 including VAT depending on which type of charging socket you require.